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TraderXP October 2013 Promotions

We’re pushing our payout rates higher but for the entire month of October only. So if you want to maximize your profits and push your investments to higher levels, now is the best time to do so. Take advantage of our highly rewarding TraderXP October 2013 Promotions and make smarter decisions to score huge payouts all month long. Get started early so you will have more time to enjoy the luxuries of receiving insanely huge payouts!

To avail of our higher payout rates, just trade binary options on our platform. It’s that simple! But to make your trading experience more fun and exciting, we have devised a schedule that you must follow in order to enjoy the benefits of our October 2013 promotions. Trade stocks and Forex during weekdays to get a chance to receive higher payout rates while invest on commodities and indices during weekends.

Be advised that you can still trade assets that are not scheduled for the day, but you will only be getting our normal percentages. So it’s totally up to you if you want to follow the arrangement or not. Either way, you can still profit as long as you finish in-the-money.

As part of our TraderXP October 2013 Promotions, we’re also giving away $500 bonus to any trader who download and install the TraderXP mobile application on their iOS and Andoird devices and deposit through the app. For additional income this month, make sure to carry around with you our mobile trading platform so that you won’t miss a single opportunity to score big.

Enjoy the rewarding benefits this month’s TraderXP promotions bring you. Always remember to trade specified assets on certain days to receive high payouts that will no doubt take your investments further up north. Trade now and experience an unmatched trading experience you can only get at TraderXP. But should you be a non-member, click here to create your account today.