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TraderXP October 2012 Promotions

TraderXP October 2012 Promotions: Making a good thing better

TraderXP have come out of their conservative phase and have started to get in touch with the pulse of the market through their great TraderXP October 2012 Promotions. The September 2012 promotional were great and many people have enjoyed the chance to make a great amount of money through the offers given but the October trials are going to nail in the coffin. The announced and some rumored offers are very exciting indeed and they have all the people abuzz.

New Account and Deposit Bonuses

The many things that are common among all the great online binary options trading sites are that they have a great way of initiating the new users. They give you an amount that you can use to start trading for free and you can be sure that they will come in handy before you invest your own amount. Similarly in the month of October TraderXP Trading is giving out a total of $100 as deposit instead of a simple $30 that had been the case before. But this is not announced and yet this is probable because other sites are actually offering more than this in the first place.

Referral bonuses

The affiliate process of any binary trading site is the main thing that any expert user is going to look at before joining the cause. This is a great way to get VIP treatment because if you are referred then you get a chance to trade better and get a kick start. But if you refer a friend then you get a $50 bonus off the top. This is not part of the TraderXP October 2012 Promotion but this deserves mention here. This does not end here though. Once you have referred a friend you get a cut off their winning for a large period of time making sure that if they are making money you get more money to trade with.

Hence before you think of investing here make sure that you have exhausted all your contacts and not found anyone who has worked here before. If you do know then try to contact them and have yourself referred. This also goes the other way around and sees if anyone you know wants to join. If they do then make sure that you are the one referring them.


This is a place where TraderXP is slightly lagging but this also a great sign that they have kept their core stability here. Many other sites are offering their hearts out in the form of 80% to even 90% payouts but for all its worth TraderXP October 2012 Promotions only allow up to a maximum of 75% payout increase. This does not sit well with the people who are working here but there is a chance that this will be rectified soon.

Great news of course is that the TraderXP platform is soon expanding with many new assets being added to the index and this is surely going to liven things up here.