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TraderXP August 2014 Promotions

To avoid the where-did-my-summer-season-go blues, it is important to find an exciting and rewarding activity to end this period with great fulfillment. That’s why trading binary options at TraderXP is highly recommended because we have the best plan on how to reach the financial goal you have set this month!

While trading, you can be assured to get not only the chances of finishing your positions successfully, but also receiving an array of bonuses and incentives our TraderXP August 2014 Promotions offer! Brace yourself for another ride since your profits will surely bring you up to the skies.

Feel the beat of summer once more while trading this month’s hottest assets, which include TATA Steel, NASDAQ Future, Oil, Silver, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Axis Bank, and more! Not only will you be given a high payout rate of up to 85%, but also the opportunity of receiving extras to be added on top of your account instantly! We have excellent option types like Classic Binary Options, Option Builder, One Touch, and 60 Seconds. When it comes to TraderXP, you surely have the best options toward achieving your financial dream!

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Wherever life takes you, you are guaranteed to bring your trading account with you! Download our latest Trader XP mobile now and you will be delighted as we hand you a $500 reward! With an access to our trading platform wherever and whenever, you have the privilege of catching all the profitable opportunities and offers we will be bringing to the tables!

Furthermore, we know that trading binary options is made more thrilling with friends, so why not invite them to join you on our platform! Aside from sharing all the advantages and features we provide to them, you will also be entitled to receive a $50 reward by simply spreading the word! On the other hand, traders who will take a step forward with us will immediately get their share of our TraderXP Promotions for this month since we will give them 100% welcome bonus in addition to free educational tools and other giveaways!

Make this season enjoyable and profitable with TraderXP August 2014 Promotions! Trade wisely and we will have you covered in reaching the success of your trading career!