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TraderXP FAQ

TraderXP is one of the richest and most powerful online stocks trading as well as TraderXP Forex trading sites on the internet now and they have done this through sheer grit and sticking to their policies. In the time that they have been operational they have had many serious allegations placed against them and they have overcome each and every one of them through sheer transparency and gusto.

Living up to that tradition we have tried to present a few burning questions here along with the answers so that we may help to quench your thirst about knowing somewhat what TraderXP is all about. We may not be able to cover all your doubts but at least we hope to try.


What are the deposits that need to e made at the beginning?

This is a misconception that many people tend to nurture. There is no need for any deposits at the beginning of the account. The company gives you a complimentary $30 that you can use to start your trading and as your profits start to roll in this will later be deducted. Similarly you do not need any bank account or TraderXP Moneybookers account associated to this account at first but later on when there will be a question of withdrawal you will need to attach a link here.

How to register?

This is one of the easiest things to do on TraderXP. All you need to do is to get to the site and start by clicking on the ‘Open a new account’. Once there you can actually see a page opening that has many fields that require filling.

Once you have filled in all the mandatory fields and given all your information you can post the form and submit. You will immediately get a verification link sent to the email ID you mentioned in the form and once you click on that your account will be activated. That is all you need to do.

How to invest?

Once your account has been activated you should be credited with an amount foxed by the company. This you can use to start investing in the different binary options trades going on. All you have to do is select one of the two options presented to you: ‘Call’ or ‘Put’.

The best thing is either way you will make money because unlike the older methods here you are not taking full liability of any share and hence even when you choose wrongly you are actually making a right choice somewhere. This is all you need to invest in TraderXP FAQ.

What is the minimum Withdrawal?

There is of course a minimal withdrawal that you must do. If you are using dollar as your currency then it has to be a minimum of $100 and if it is in Euros then it has to be a minimum of EUR100.