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TraderXP Demo Account

If you are new to binary options trading and have been attracted by the promise of low investment and high rates of return, then one of the most customer friendly brokers that you can choose to Trade TraderXP. This company is functioning since 2009 and offers a payout of 75% or more.

The large number of assets, the completely web based platform that does not require any downloads and the attractive bonuses are some of the major reasons to choose TraderXP as your binary options broker. In addition, the TraderXP Demo Account is another important feature which you will find to be of great advantage.


Things to know about the TraderXP Demo Account

Here are some facts that you should know about the TraderXP Binary Options Demo Account:

  • On the site of TraderXP, you will find a free demo. This is a video where the entire process of creating your account, making a deposit and carrying on binary options trading is explained in simple yet detailed manner. It is prudent that every investor – a newcomer or a veteran – should watch this free demo. In addition to the above information, the video also highlights some other salient facts like what tools you can use to make a successful trade, what support is available to you and how you can contact them. Since these are all vital, you should watch this demo even before you open your account.
  • In order to help the newcomers prepare to trade TraderXP binary options trading, the TraderXP Demo Account has been provided. A form is available on their website. You will need to fill it in and submit it. This is a request to use their demo account. Once your request is processed, you will be able to trade using the TraderXP Demo Account.
  • The TraderXP Demo Account contains all the features of a real trading account at TraderXP. You can use virtual money to make your trade. This will help you to judge how accurate your predictions are and how well you can read the market.
  • You can use all the analytical and information tools available at TraderXP for your demo account trading. This provides hands on experience.
  • However, there are some limitations to using the TraderXP Demo Account. You can get access to it only after you have made your first deposit. There is also a time limit on how long you can use a TraderXP Demo Account.

Gain experience before investing your money

Virtual trading using the TraderXP Demo Account will help you to gain invaluable experience before you actually risk your money in the real time market. This is a great advantage – especially for the newcomers. Even the veterans of binary options trading can get a feel of the facilities of the website and how the broker works by using the TraderXP Demo Account.