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TraderXP Bonus

Binary options trading have become hugely popular with everybody because of the extreme ease and simplicity of the process. You just open an account with a reliable broker, fund your account and choose your asset in which you invest. Then you predict whether the price of the asset will rise or fall within the expiry time set by the broker. If your prediction is correct, the possibilities of profits are huge.

The most crucial step in this whole process is choosing the correct broker. TraderXP have been providing uniform satisfaction in this respect. Hence, it has remained the broker of choice for many traders – both new and old. TraderXP Trading offers a number of features and advantages including a payout rate of 75%. Of its many benefits, TraderXP Bonus is one of the most attractive features.


The TraderXP Bonus offers

Here are the facts that you should know about TraderXP Bonus offers:

  • Instead of offering standing bonuses, there are different TraderXP Bonus offers which are floated from time to time. These are limited period offers. So, if you want to take advantage of these offers, you should keep a sharp watch for when the broker launches new offers.
  • One common TraderXP Bonus which is floated from time to time is a welcome bonus of up to 25% on your initial deposit.
  • There are three different account types at TraderXP and different bonuses are offered for each category. These are as follows:
    • If you deposit any amount between $299 and $999, your account is a bronze account. In this case, you can get a welcome bonus of 15% and a redeposit bonus of 10%.
    • For opening a silver account, you will need to deposit $1000 at least three times. With a silver account, you are eligible to get a welcome bonus of 20% and a redeposit bonus of 10%.
    • The highest category of account at TraderXP is the gold account. If you deposit more than $5000, your account is a gold account. In this case, you obtain a TraderXP Bonus of 25% in the welcome kit and a redeposit bonus of another 25%.
    • In addition, there is a TraderXP Bonus for referring a friend. If you refer a friend who opens an account and deposits $200 or more, both your own as well as your friend’s account is at once credited with $50.

A final word

Since the TraderXP Bonus offers are for limited periods only, you need to keep a careful watch for them. As in the case of every other binary options broker, there are certain conditions for withdrawing the TraderXP Bonus. You have to trade at least thirty times the volume of your bonus plus initial deposit before you can withdraw your profits. If you want to withdraw earlier, just do not claim the bonus.

So, with these lucrative bonus offers, you can start trading and make profits well in excess of 75%.