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TraderXP Ukash

uKashWhat makes a company good are the facilities that they provide but what makes a company great are the extra facilities that they provide just to see that you get what you deserve as their loyal customers. Just like that TraderXP has tired up with a nifty little service like Ukash that makes sending your money from and to you through the help of coupons and vouchers. This ensures total rituality of the money being transferred and hence there is no chance of misplacement or loss because you have a coupon in your hand at all times as proof of the transaction.


What is Ukash?

Ukash is a simple service that allows you to send or receive money from registered out outlets spread all over the world through the use of official money coupons that you have to buy through payment in person or online. This coupon stays with you and you can check the status of the money through the coupon code on the internet any time.

This simple procedure makes it a very nice TraderXP Banking between you and TraderXP even without the need for certain lengthy banking procedures. The whole thing is fast and efficient to the brink of mechanical efficiency and as a result you can save time as well.

The coupons can be bought many at a time and when you need to make the deposits you can simply enter the codes on the site and have you money credited immediately. This is power that you can hardly get from any other service.

How good is it?

Till date there have been no complaints about the efficiency of Ukash but there have been some delays in payment. These have mostly been due to the over-crowding of the server at TraderXP. Ukash on the other hand has very basic needs for computer related baking because most of their transactions are by human hands and that makes them slightly more infallible that an overcrowded server.

Also where other methods take as long as 3 to 4 days to get the money to where it is supposed to go this method only takes as long as it takes to get the coupon code past verification and your money is yours to use.

What are the flaws?

When we are talking about the flaws of TraderXP Ukash there is only one that immediately come to mind and that happens to be the fact that it is not so easily available everywhere. Only registered outlets and franchises are allowed to have these coupons and they can be hard to find sometimes making availing this service a bit difficult for some people who can’t do it from the internet for some reason.