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TraderXP PayPal

paypalThere are various ways to make your deposit to TraderXP. PayPal, wire transfer and Western Union are some of them. Once you make your minimum deposit, you are ready to start trading. You can hold your account in two currencies – Euro or Dollar.

TraderXP assets

Offering more than 50 assets, TraderXP is easily the most diverse trading platform. With so many assets to choose from, you can spread your risks uniformly. Given that the TraderXP broker firm offers you payouts as well as refunds, you are always getting some money regardless of the outcome.


The assets portfolio includes stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. All assets cover major financial markets of the world, including the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

Is TraderXP PayPal and wire transfer support safe?

TraderXP PayPal and other such deposit facilities conducted online are safe. TraderXP follows the industry standard 128bit SSL encryption. That apart, some proprietary in-built security mechanisms help it ward of any kind of attacks.

Considering that online transactions are highly-sensitive, this aspect is a major deciding factor for your choice of an online options brokerage firm. Since its inception, TraderXP PayPal support has been robust and airtight.

TraderXP offers the highest returns on investment on average

The trading platform offers the highest returns on investment on average. Meaning, for most trades the returns on investment is in and around the 75% mark. Some trades can fetch a higher percentage. This is unique considering that many platforms advertise their sites as being the only one to offer the highest returns on investment. But such trades on such platforms are offered infrequently. Thus the average returns on investment for all their trades are generally less.

TraderXP Option Builder

The TraderXP Option Builder is a unique feature that lets you customize your trade. If you are an experienced trader, Option Builder could prove to be an excellent tool to increase your profits exponentially.

It may not be uncommon to hear that TraderXP PayPal support is the best in the industry, or it has the highest number of underlying assets. In the same vein, TraderXP Option Builder is also another feather in the cap for TraderXP.

How does Option Builder help you?

You may have trading tactics that work best for you. But certain platforms force you to trade the way they designed their trading system. In the case of Trader XP Option Builder, you customize your trade. You choose and set your own preferences. And in the process increase your chances of profitability each time you trade.

So how do you customize your trade? Remember that you are your own boss in this regard. After you have learnt the ropes of TraderXP binary options trading, and gained substantial experience in it, you understand what works for you. This includes understanding the expiry times, assets, the amount of investment, and returns you need. All of these customizable elements and more can be configured as per your preference using Option Builder.

It gets no better than TraderXP. PayPal, wire transfer TraderXP Support is only the tip of the iceberg for this feature-rich options brokerage firm.