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TraderXP Minimum Deposit

The TraderXP minimum deposit is quite a novelty. For as little $100, you can start trading. If you are a new trader on TraderXP, you are entitled to receive a 25% joining bonus, which is credited to your account.

About TraderXP

Based in Cyprus, this binary options trading platform has had the widest customer base since its inception. The trading platform inducts clients from all over the world, except from Israel. Being one of the foremost trading platforms for binary options, many other brokerage firms look up to TraderXP for new product ideas, platform development initiatives, bonus products and so on.


After making the TraderXP minimum deposit

TraderXP not only offers a nominal minimum deposit, it also has a low-threshold for investment. Starting from $10 and going up to several thousands of dollars, the opportunity to invest exists for all types of traders. Traders are motivated to trade during special occasions such as Christmas.

During this time special bonus offers are distributed. The bonus offers help traders get a higher return on investment. Additionally, as a trader you are entitled to receive gifts and goodies if you win certain trades in-the-money.

TraderXP assets

TraderXP offers a comprehensive bouquet of investment avenues. There are a bunch of high-performing currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCAD to name a few. Gold, coffee, and oil are some of the popular commodities. STRAITS TIMES, NASDAQ100 and ASX Australia are some of the indices that are on offer.

TraderXP offerings

Being a 100% web based system, you can trade from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. After making the TraderXP Minimum Deposit, you proceed to choose your asset categories. You have two offerings to choose from. The High/Low and Touch Options. Both these binary options offerings are extremely popular with traders.

The High/Low options allows you to predict if an asset’s underlying value will increase or decrease. The touch options are based on a sample rate. TraderXP generates a sample rate. You predict if an asset’s underlying price will touch or not touch this sample rate.

If your predictions are true, you win in-the-money. Your prediction has to hold good within the expiry time of the option. If your prediction is not true within the option’s expiry time, your trade is out-of-the-money.


If the TraderXP minimum deposit is encouraging, so are the payouts. Averaging around 75%, TraderXP offers the highest returns on investment based on average. If other trading platforms offer high returns on investment, it could be for select trades. But in the case of TraderXP, most trades have returns on investment in the range of 75%.

Option expiry

Option expiry ranges from 15 minutes to a week. TraderXP offers weekend specials that enable traders to win 500% profits. The weekend one touch options are a favorite option with experienced traders. More traders use this weekend specialty.

With 24/7 customer support, a multi-lingual website, and plenty of features, TraderXP Trading is any binary options trader’s goldmine.