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TraderXP Banking

The TraderXP banking system is highly secure. You can conduct high volume transactions without the fear of your bank account details being stolen. Being one of the foremost binary options trading platforms, TraderXP understands this critical need for security. As part of its commitment to protect the interest of its traders, it has won and established successful relationships with thousands of traders.


TraderXP features

Some of the popular features of this trading platform are the one touch, option builder, high/low and 60 seconds. Al l features are listed in a tabular format on the user interface. You may just click on the tab to display the type of trade you wish to see.

  • When trading in high/low options, you have commodities, indices, stocks and currencies to trade in. The process to trade is simple. You predict if the underlying value of a stock, commodity, index, or currency will go up or down.
  • Options are bound by expiries. If your prediction is true within the option-expiry period, you win in-the-money. Your trade is out-of-the-money otherwise. This feature is perfectly accurate, and without any defects. You can akin this feature to the TraderXP Support system.
  • The Option Builder feature lets you customize your trade. You can set your preferences regarding the type of asset, expiry, amount of investment, and returns.
  • Touch options are based on a sample rate. You predict if the price of the asset will touch the sample rate.
  • The 60 sec option is again a High/Low option but with an expiry time of exactly one minute. You can start and finish trades fast. It is ideal for all types of traders. But the experienced traders find the 60 sec option very attractive.

Payouts and refunds

Payouts are distributed by way of TraderXP Banking system. Payouts are in the range of 75%. Refunds are in the range of 5% to 10%. Payouts happen when your trade is in-the-money. Refunds happen when your trade is out-of-the-money, or in other words if you lose the trade.

Given that the TraderXP banking system is secure, payouts happen across geographies on a daily basis. This makes this trading platform a truly international binary options brokerage firm.

Live news alerts

The Market Review section of the platform provides the latest financial and business news as it happens. If you are trading on the TraderXP platform on a regular basis, expect to get the latest and greatest news. You use this news to base your trading decisions.

A lot of traders have expressed their approval on the quality of this feature. They felt that this live rendering of important financial and economic information helped them plan their trading activities. It is widely understood that planning for trade is as important as the process of trading itself.

TraderXP is easily one of the renowned, established, and modern trading platforms. Novice and experienced traders have equal opportunity to make substantial profits. A robust system combined with TraderXP banking security, makes this trading platform the most convenient, easy, and profitable of them all.