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TraderXP Asset Index

One of the most user friendly and profitable binary options brokers in the market is TraderXP. It offers an average payout of 75%. So, you can easily register with this broker and enter the world of truly profitable and professional binary option trading.

One of the reasons why TraderXP is so attractive to the traders is its vast and varied asset index. This long list allows you to choose assets in which you already have a rudimentary knowledge so that your chances of making a profit increase dramatically.


What are included in the TraderXP Asset Index?

The salient features of the TraderXP Asset Index which you must know are as follows:

  • TraderXP offers fifty three different assets in which you can carry on binary options trading.
  • These assets are selected from all the major markets around the world. So, you can choose to trade in a market with which you are familiar, thereby increases your chances of making a profit.
  • The different assets have different trading time according to when that market operates. Some markets however are open 24/7 and you can trade in them whenever you like. The information about operating hours of the markets and the expiry time of the asset as well as a thumbnail description is given in the TraderXP Asset Index.
  • The TraderXP Asset Index includes four types of assets. These are as follows:
    • The first category of assets included in the TraderXP Asset Index¬†ate stocks of leading companies around the world. These include stocks of Apple, Google, Nike, Coca cola, Microsoft etc from USA, Rolls Royce, HSBC holdings, BAE systems from UK, GAZPROM and SBERBANK from Russia, Tata Motors, Reuters, TESCO, France telecom, Fiat, Hitachi, Amazon and many others from around the world. Thirty three stocks are traded.
    • TraderXP Asset Index includes fifteen different currency pairs where you can carry out forex binary options trading. These include American dollar and Australian dollar, American and Singapore dollar, American dollar and Egyptian pound, American dollar and Turkish New Lira, Dollar and British pound, American dollar and Japanese Yen etc.
    • Seven commodities are included in the TraderXP Asset Index. These include silver, gold, platinum, wheat, crude oil, coffee etc. A brief description of these commodity trading types is provided along with the trading hours and expiry rate for the ease of binary options trading.
    • Finally, TraderXP Trading¬†offers twenty eight different indices for you to engage in binary options trading. These indices are chosen from different markets and offer you a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio. Some of these indices are DOW, S&P 500, CAC, DAX, IBEX, NIFTY and many more.

Choose your asset well for binary options trading

With so many assets to choose from around the world, you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed. However, do not choose an asset if you know nothing about it. Concentrate on reading up on a few assets or selected markets from the TraderXP Asset Index before you engage in binary options trading