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About TraderXP

There are a lot of things you have to know about TraderXP. It is the first online options brokerage firm to offer online stock trading. It also holds the distinction of being the first online options broker to go live. Given its reputation for being the first to do so many things, this pioneering online trading platform has gone from strength to strength.

Since its inception, TraderXP has continuously received high-volume new registrations. Most of the new registrations are by way of referrals. Having been in the industry for nearly as long as binary options have existed, TraderXP has frequently redefined the very basis of options trading.


About TraderXP user interface

When you explore the user interface of TraderXP, you will have only positive feedback about TraderXP and its brilliant functional design of its web-based platform. For not only is it engaging, it provides comprehensive features and tools. For experienced and novice traders alike, Trade TraderXP is a wholesome experience. The self-explanatory and highly navigable user interface is a revelation amidst scores of options providers who have bad web-based platforms.

TradeXP platform features

TraderXP offers touch and high/low options. Expiries of options range from fifteen minutes and some options extend upto a week. Only high performing, consistent, and stable assets are selected for trading. A continuous research and development drive is undertaken to provide highly predictable assets to traders. So when you are in and about TraderXP, expect to get rich fast.

Touch options

  • Select an option. View the sample rate. View the option expiry time.
  • Predict if the price of the asset will touch the sample rate or not.


  • Select an option. View its underlying price. View the option expiry time.
  • Predict if the value of this asset will appreciate or depreciate.

If your prediction holds well within the expiry period, you win the trade in-the-money. If your prediction does not hold well within the option expiry period, you lose the trade out-of-the-money.

Payouts are generally 75% of your investment. Refunds are 5% to 10% of your investment for out-of-the-money trades.

TraderXP Option Builder

The Option Builder is a powerful feature that lets you customize your options trading. This is one of the unique things About TraderXP, in that it offers features that other online brokerage firms follow. The Option Builder is the next generation trading feature that allows full control and full responsibility for traders to configure their trading routines.

As part of this feature, you can set your preferences regarding the amount you invest, your investment insurance, returns, and options expiry to name a few. As you are in and about TraderXP, you understand more on what it takes to be profitable on the platform. You use this knowledge and implement it as your customized trading routine.

The Option Builder helps traders break the shackles imposed by other online options brokers. You have to trade the way these brokerage firms have designed the system. When on TraderXP, you can design your own trading system by setting your preferences. Another good thing about TraderXP is most of its assets are hand-picked based on their predictability, and consistency.